Halfway to healthy heaven…

Forgive me father for I have sinned – It has been 4 weeks 3 days and however many hours since my last last prayer… The prayer I said to myself that I would get through the next 8 weeks unchallenged, un-phased and not veering from my path of 8 week challenge inferno goodness.

On Friday the 1st of February I made a little promise to myself that I would follow the guidelines and rules of the 8 week challenge set by Original Bootcamp masters Gunny & Chief. I swore to drink 2L of water every day as well as an extra 2 glasses with every meal and snack… I promised to not eat anything that was not on the list, careful to heed the warning “If it isn’t on the list – DON’T EAT IT”

I was pretty good, I stuck to the lists right up until this weekend – where I broke my own promise. You see every 2 weeks after adhering to the very regimented diet we are allowed a cheat. You may recall my post on cheating 2 weeks ago. I continued to do so for the next two weeks… getting pretty amazing results – I have list 9cm from around my waist and 8 from around my hips… I am pretty stoked with this.

Alas this weekend I wavered – ever so slightly. My cheat meal Thursday turned into a bit of a cheat weekend OOOPS (Sorry Gunny) Friday was ok actually – but Saturday… Well Saturday I decided that because I had a triathlon the following morning I should eat ANYTHING that looked like a carb… To ensure I had plenty of energy the following day.

Worked a treat – Had plenty of energy for said Triathlon… in fact I probably could have done another one after it. I was so proud however that I decided I should be rewarded… So I proceeded to have a burger and chips, 3 beers, a pie for dinner and a massive tub of ice cream… I’m not even sorry… it was fucking amazing.

I have however sought advice from our fearless leader Gunny and jumped straight back on that wagon of ignition and burn for the next 2 weeks… Till I get to cheat again… Hooray

Progress is good apart from my hiccup this weekend. Fitness levels are pretty good – Since I started bootcamp on the 7th of January my benchmarks have improved immensely and I don’t think I would have done so amazing in the Triathlon if it was not for OBC.

As an update – Benchmarks were this morning:

  • 400m run
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Grunts
  • 15 Sit ups

Repeated 3 times as fast as possible – Shaved off 28 seconds this month… down from 8.08 to 7.40… Then as last month was the mile run, I bettered this by 33 seconds… 1 mile in 6 minutes and 39 seconds – sure not exactly a bullet but still a good effort.

So I am half way through the 8 week’s – Before and after photos at the end… Bonus is now I get to have a lot more veges… YEEHAW.

After the 8 weeks though I plan on maintaining by reverting back to the Paleo diet (or at least try)

Over and out


Here’s a pic of me smacking out some squats last week.
Bootcamp squat

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