Nissan Corporate Triathlon

Today was a momentous day… Today I conquered a triathlon… Ok so it was a corporate MINI triathlon… Which means not quite the massive numbers that some of those iron men and women do… but for me, it seemed quite daunting. The race was a 300m swim followed by an 8km cycle followed by a 3km run.

Our director decided to sign majority of the office up to this event last year – which at the time did not seem to much of an effort to complete…. “Sure” we all said as we threw our hands in the air when asked who wanted to give it a go… Then Christmas passed… then January passed… then FUCK… came the realisation that I have not actually swam further than 25m without having a near asthma attack… and that was in high school when I attempted breast stroke and pelted it out for the first 25m and then turned to swim the lap back and gripped the side of the pool for dear life…

So I joined a swimming class which was once a week – that I only attended 3 times. Granted he corrected some strokes which was a bonus, but it was my endurance that was the issue.

As the day of the event loomed closer – each competitor within the office started to get anxious and brainstormed which was the most believable reason as to why we couldn’t race.

One of the better reasons was that the triathlon WAS the morning after Gay Christmas here in Sydney… MARDI GRAS… No cigar though… that was NOT going to wash with the other teams.

So while I was kept up late to the sounds of the pumping music, the smashing of bottles and the heaving of the drunk and disorderly… I slowly worked myself into a little bit of a nervous wreck as the minutes ticked over and the dreaded day arrived.

5:15am Alarm goes off… its dead quiet – its pitch black… am I really going to do this? Am I really going to subject myself to a triathlon… I dragged my tired ass out of bed, pulled on some clothes, made some coffee, ate some cereal woke Jay up (who had very kindly promised to come with me in the wee early hours because I was so nervous – we had to be down and have our bikes locked in the compound no later than 6:50am) and as we slowly made our way through the darkness – carefully avoiding those drank gays that were just stumbling home… we not so quietly cursed the fact we were up so early and heading to a triathlon (I really am not so sure of when it was I started getting into all this athletic shit) and before we knew it we were surrounded by athletes, some not so athletes and everything in between… It was at this point I started to panic.

  • Are my wheels pumped up enough?
  • Can I swim 300 meters?
  • Where is everyone else?
  • Where the FUCK does my bike go?

Managed to FINALLY find where my bike went – that was hard – none of the signage correlated to where my number actually was… I frantically ran up and down and asked about 7 people where I was meant to be as the event staff shouted to “GET OUT OF THE COMPOUND, GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT” Seriously I was terrified.

After this I had to find my fellow team mates which wasn’t to hard… After rummaging through my bag however I realise I have forgotten my important Fluro Pink Swimming Cap… FUCK… Poor Jay was so tired – he was just following me running around like a chook with its head chopped off – walking from one side of the coarse to the other trying to figure out where on earth I could get a replacement from. I was freaking out.

Managed to find one close to where we started the swim. Two hours of waiting, further self doubt and a minor panic attack – the time had come… It was time for our wave…

We all dove into the ice cold water – worried about sharks and other nasties – actually – We had to tread water for a good 2 minutes so I was more worried about the issue of being warn out before I started swimming. Off goes the horn and everyone starts the swim across the harbour – I start with a freestyle; front crawl as the brits call it.

That lasted 6 strokes – I thought I was drowning – my goggles fogged up; I couldn’t see… I decided to breaststroke it… I swear I felt like I was not moving at all. Though I kept smashing into people’s feet – either I was not moving and they were swimming backwards – or I was actually gaining distance – HOOYAH!!! But then everything kind of went quiet – there was a rather rotund man kind of wading beside me who was kind of slowly making his way toward the end in reverse. I just figured I was at the end of the pack of swimmers and battled on… Though I did manage to pass a couple of different coloured swimming caps so I was doing something right. Ill have to make time up in the next leg…

I pulled myself up out of the harbour and tackled some stairs up and over the cyclists to attempt a transition onto my bike. All I could think was “Get your shoes on” which I managed – but stupidly put them on before my dry shorts – never mind; pulled them over – mounted my bike and smacked out the 8km cycle. It was a borrowed bike and I didn’t adjust the seat to my height so it took longer than I thought it would – all the same I rode the 2 laps; time for the run… I did not quite prepare myself for the jelly legs afterwards following the dismount. Never mind, I knew the run was the one part of the race I could gain speed and shave off a little time.

I started off wobbly but soon gained traction. Jay, Nicole and Eve were at the bottom of the stairs as I started the run, all cheering me on. That gave me that little extra motivation to get it done. I started to whiz past people. Checking out the numbers I realised I was passing people from previous legs and that spurred me on even more. I was determined NOT to walk any of it, determined to speed past as many runners as possible… Which I did. I brought it home and ran through the finish line in what I think was an impressive – 43.37 minutes.

I am chuffed. Managed to find Jay after a little hunt and apparently I was within the first half of my swimming group to get out of the harbour so I was prettypleased with that.

Anyways – thats my first Triathlon. Now I have done it, I want to do it again and better my time.

I did start a fundraising page – all be it slightly late (Friday before the race) it is open for another month, so if you are feeling generous I am raising money for the AIDS Trust Australia – I would be very grateful for any donations: Just take a look at my fundraising page.

Below are some photos from this morning.
image-2 image-3 image-6 IMG_1482

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