I Cheated…

Last Thursday – Valentines day… 2 weeks into my 8 week challenge… I did something naughty… Something that was actually advised, something I am never going to forget as long as I live…


That’s right – I was tempted away, tempted away from my diet of meat, meat, meat and…. MEAT… Oh and a little teeny weeny bit of spinach each day and I consumed

  • 1 Easter Egg
  • 2 Freddo frogs
  • Potato wedges with sweet chilli/sour cream dip
  • 2 cans of sprite
  • A massive Chinese dinner at “Chefs Gallery”
  • and an entire tub of Maggie Beers Chocolate Salted Caramel Ice Cream (look how cute Maggie is – creating amazingness)


This was on top of my other daily meals like eggs and MEAT.

I don’t think I have ever enjoyed food SO MUCH… ok so it was also Valentines day and I shared (most of) this delicious cheat meal with my beautiful man, though I was in a sugar haze and I was probably more focussed on eating something that wasn’t meat than Jay (sorry my love)

After 2 weeks of meat, eggs and a little dairy – this cheat meal or boost meal as they are known to the challengers is meant to kick you up a gear and help you move your weight loss along.

So I am almost 3 weeks into this challenge… I know I am not the only one from bootcamp that is struggling with energy, mainly because I have overheard people asking what they could possibly have to enhance said energy levels. The short answer from our Gunny – Nope… suck it up princess, get on with it.

So I know you are all keen to hear about how I am doing and what the results so far have been… I started off at 97.7kg and as of last night I was down to 93kg ALMOST 5 KILOS in just under 3 weeks. Which I am pretty pleased with though at the same time thought I would have lost more… We are told not to weigh ourselves because we would be putting on lean muscle as well but you know, I just can’t help myself. Needless to say, as far as measurements are concerned, almost every pair of shorts or trousers I have put on this week need to be pulled up pretty much every time I stand up… RESULT…

We are now in the 2nd stage the challenge which is pretty much the same diet as the first 2 weeks though now every second day we can have a full plate of veg HOORAY…

I am finding it difficult to abstain from eating what I want when I want now though, after this cheat meal… I may have sneaked a sugary sweet twice and even took a very SMALL sip of Jay’s wine last night… But I have not fallen off the wagon to any great degree… Unlike my dear Eve who inhaled half a container of sweets last week and then crashed in a sugar coma about an hour later… It was actually quite funny.

Currently counting down the days to my next opportunity to cheat – This will be a carb laden meal I feel as I am racing in a mini triathlon on the 3rd – So until then (assuming I don’t drown) go and have a binge… its important 🙂



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