1 down – 7 to go

I am not 9 days into my 8 week challenge with OBC… It has got much easier as the week has gone by as far as eating food is concerned and what I am and am not allowed to have. In saying that, on bootcamp days I have found myself lacking in energy as the 7am 1 hour class is pretty brutal.

The cravings and desire to grab for sugary sweets are not as bad and I am doing well at steering clear of the chocolate. I really could inhale a tub of Maggie Bears salted caramel chocolate ice cream though… Eve has taught me to sniff food… to satisfy my cravings. So far this week I have shoved my face in a packet of ketchup crisps, a container of harribo sugar sweets, a glass of red wine, a bottle of apple cider, I think I even unwrapped a chocolate I was given, sniffed it and wrapped it back up and put in my drawer for 8 weeks time.

Only downside so far has been bad meaty breath (oops – sorry Jay) so I am getting through a substantial amount of sugar free gum at the moment.

This week saw another month beginning of Bootcamp, which meant the dreaded benchmark test on Tuesday – which is exactly the same as it was last month:

  • 400m run
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Grunts
  • 15 Sit ups

Repeated 3 times as fast as possible – I beat my time from last month by a massive 1.38 minutes… down from 9.46 to 8.08 GO ME… Then as last month was the mile run, I bettered this by 34 seconds as well…

While I was very pleased with myself… it also meant I was bumped up from a seal to a delta – which basically means higher reps and heavier sandbags… JOY

Heres me loving running superfast straight towards gunny:


We are advised to workout 6 days a week. Which is pretty intense to be fair. But I have kept up my end of the bargain… Sunday – 8km run, Monday, swimming at lunch, Tuesday – Bootcamp/Benchmark, Wednesday – took Eve down to the park and completed an at home bootcamp (still just as sweaty) Thursday and Friday – bootcamp, Saturday (today) 90 minute Bikram yoga and we are all doing the colour run tomorrow which is a 5km dash while we get dried paint thrown at us…

Pretty big week for me all in all though I can notice a huge difference already – I weighed myself on Wednesday (5 days in) and I had lost 3.5kg since I started. My suit trousers are constantly being pulled up and last night Jay says – Wow look at your tits… where did they come from, they have never looked like that since iv known you… So I am feeling pretty good about it all to be fair and that is only after 1 week… The motivation to continue on is there.

Food is the main ingredient to this entire plan though, making sure we are really sticking to the food plan which pretty much consists of lean protein and some dairy and a shit load of water. The guide is to stick below 30g of carbs per day triggering your body to use your fat stores for energy. Which it is doing because I am more tired then sleepy form the 7 dwarfs.

Eve is doing the challenge with me – our evening meals have been ok, some good some bad. Favourites so far – Fish Curry, Turkey Meatloaf (I did NOT expect this to be a winner)  and I have had steak a few times which I can never get enough of. The bad – chicken cheese pockets… these were VILE… We also had some meatballs that I am on the fence about.

As of last night though we are allowed to incorporate 60g of greens into 1 meal per day – I have gone with spinach as from the choices it is probably the most nutritious. We went for dinner last night and I had a massive plate of sashimi and oysters and forgot to order greens, so I basically sat at home munching on a bowl of spinach when I got in… was pretty gross but I think my body is screaming out for greens so I forced it down.

Things are going well… I am enjoying bootcamp and I am noticing massive changes in the shape of my body after a week… so I am a happy bunny


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2 Comments on “1 down – 7 to go”

  1. February 9, 2013 at 12:22 pm #

    Way to go! I bet your “tits” look better than mine now! I did the color run too last year. super fun. Was bummed they didn’t have a beer garden after though…

    • Danny
      February 10, 2013 at 4:29 pm #

      Did the run today… Far to messy for my liking… Gunna be washing that shit out for days.

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