8 Weeks to my dream body…

Well… that is the dream at least… As you know I have recently joined a Bootcamp… I am one month in and I quite like it. It is quite a sociable program. The comradary and support from your fellow “recruits” as we are known is quite positive and spurs you on to want to do better and above all else I can feel myself getting fitter as the days/weeks go on.


This is me… getting fitter with every push up.

Now… I did miss 2 sessions this month which is a huge no-no, however they were real legitimate reasons, reasons like an old ankle injury flaring up and its raining FAR TO HARD… Ok so the second is a cop out, but at 6:10 am when you can hear the rain pelting down from inside the flat, you know training out-side would be hell.

So this month Original Bootcamp embark on their legendary 8WC – or 8 week challenge. This is 8 weeks to totally transform your body from podgy, flabby, muffin toppy wobbleness to Men’s Fitness cover model awsomeness. Now I see you roll your eyes… this is NOT going to be a repeat of my challenge last year with Maria where I basically just did nothing… this is going to be an 8 week (fuck 8 weeks) hard core training and only the right foods in my mouth-athon that will result in the dream body, the one that goes on the cover of a magazine, the one that – all being well… wins me $5000… YEEHAW. If that isn’t motivation enough, I don’t know what is.

Ok I am under no illusion that I will be the winner, considering I will be up against HUNDREDS of other people… but it is a goal none the less and goals are important.

So – to help… OBC has provided us with an 8 week food plan… which is loosely based on the Dukan diet (or so I gather) and will be providing at home workout routines for those days we are not slugging it out on the field with the other recruits.

The diet part, as most of you will know is the hardest part… I do hate the word diet, alas that really is what this is. No “way of life” like paleo; This is real hardcore food awarenessness.

The first two weeks are pretty much meat meat meat, well protein. Some dairy and eggs, oh and these amazing things called miracle noodles – NOODLES WITH ZERO CARBS. The first week you do not stray from this. I can eat anything within the food list, which in essence is basically made up of different types of lean meats and non fat dairy. As long as my carb consumption is lower than 30g per day. Week 2 we can add around 50g of some green food to 1 meal per day for that week. Then look out beginning of week three which starts with a cheat meal… YEEHAW. Which I have pretty much worked around valentines day so I can have a tasty feast with my lover…

So I am currently on day 3 and I have just had breakfast. The plan I have been given says that the first three days are the hardest. I am bound to experience cravings, headaches and all sorts. My will power has been tested heavily while Jay has been shovelling toast and sweets into his mouth around me. Fortunately I have enlisted the lovely Eve (who is visiting from the UK and living with us currently) to share this journey with me because Jay already looks amazing and doesn’t need the help of fad diets and hard core bootcamps.

Eve has been a great help and has stopped me reaching for the sugar laden coke bottles that harribo do so well.

Food so far has consisted of scrambled eggs for breakfast most days and when at home I have thrown in some smoked salmon as well. We had some spicy meatballs with a yogurt sauce for dinner along with some asiany style beef that was eaten with miracle noodles. On the weekends I am treating myself to 1 soy latte a day and at work ill have a protein shake with almond milk as an afternoon hit. Yogurt pots with less then 10g of carbs as a snack and that so far my friends is the extent of it. I am definitely looking forward to some greens next week… as is my digestion system I feel… no fibre = one thing… bunged up!!!! The other must during the challenge is drinking loads and loads and LOADS of water. Which I am desperately trying to make sure I have.

I am not going to upload a before photo… however for an idea of the results some people have had from this 8 weeks of pure crazy – check out the 8WC here.

I will however upload a photo of last nights meaty diliciousness…



See you soon peeps.


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