Network Socially or Socially Network?

So I made the big decision last week to deactivate the old Facebook profile… Everyone I have mentioned this to has kind of looked at me with this puzzled look on their face, one eyebrow raised and the question “Why?”

Facebook Like

A couple of reasons I suppose have lead to my “Social Experiment” reasons like… I spend far to much time during work hours checking it, making sure I am totally updated with the information of what my friends have to say on the soup they have eaten, the bus they missed or the weather that is either to cold or too hot, depending which part of the world said friend is in. I am still in the habit of swiping my finger over my iPhone to unlock and click the app to see whats happening, or to check in to where ever I am. Its only been 6 days and as far as Yahoo answers is concerned it takes 30 days to break a habit so I am well on track 🙂

Now anyone that knows me will be all “errr you are on Facebook ALL the time… why are you spouting off this bullshit” and to an extent there is definitely truth in it… I suppose I am testing myself more than anything to see if I can survive without it.

I am not now adopting the attitude that Facebook is terrible and that everyone should boycott and deactivate there accounts. Though for me it all became a bit narcissistic. Checking in or making status updates to see what people have to say about it… Adding only the best photo’s of myself that were taken to ensure positive comments from my “Friends”. Not to mention the fact that for me it kind of made me and I think a number of my friends, less social… I don’t need to contact one of my closest friends back in the UK any more because I see what he got up to last night, he had a chicken curry, a bottle of red and watched Ab Fab… Facebook told me. Another very good friend and I would pen-pal on a regular basis though fell out of the habit thanks to our connection. Other friends that I perhaps don’t hear from as often commenting on a status update every now and then just to tell me that they are sick of seeing my updates… Nice friends right?

All those school friends that were utter tossers when I knew them all wanting to connect, ummm I didn’t like you then… nothing has changed… the constant updates of baby photos, gathering invitations… I actually got a “Save the date” group invite for a wedding that is happening this year… I should probably get in contact with them actually being that they don’t actually have any other contact details for me… hmmm

Facebook has also had some negative affects on life… I have been fired due to my activity on facebook… Well actually fired because I worked in a bar, called in sick and then had photos posted of me out dancing the night away. I didn’t get a job because of what I had decided to upload to facebook…

Facebook as a company with the need to monatise their product has add’s flickering in my face all the time, suggested pages I should like, the option to pay for my status to be really heard and not lost in the array of advertisements and other news in someones feed.

Before the deactivation I sent a number of people that do not live close to me a message to advise what I was doing… gave them all the relevant contact information to reach me if they wanted to… As I said – it has been 6 days since the deactivation and so far nada, not one, zero, zilch, absolutely NOBODY has got in contact or noticed that I have vanished from their virtual circle of friends… And while initially I thought, chances are I will be back sooner rather than later… It makes me wonder if there was any point to it at all if no-one misses me and the only reason for posting anything was to see who noticed what.

Consequently It has all gotten a little bit to much – so in the hope of becoming a little more sociable with my friends in the physical sense rather than the virtual sense… I am trialing the deactivation.

What are your thoughts?


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3 Comments on “Network Socially or Socially Network?”

  1. January 31, 2013 at 11:16 am #

    I feel since I started blogging and tweeting, Facebook definitely falls on the bottom of the priority list. Though it is great for stalking.. lol

    • Danny
      January 31, 2013 at 11:19 am #

      I only really use Twitter for work purposes… And I have probably started blogging more now that facebook has gone. Though a lot of my traffic here was a result of facebook… Fingers crossed it gains momentum on its own 🙂

      • January 31, 2013 at 11:51 am #

        I use my Facebook pan page more than my personal page lol.

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