Happy New Year

Well what a year 2012 was…. I lost weight, I put on weight, I lost weight, I put on weight… Coming right back to where I started with a big Christmas Finale of around 100kg… Hoorah… go me… Jay obviously still looks amazing as he only needs to look at a weight bench and he puffs right back up to where-ever it is he left off…

I Started 2013 as you would expect anyone in Sydney… Drinking under the starts waiting for the ever so famous Sydney Fireworks AND of coarse with the all to familiar New Years Resolutions of… That’s it, no booze for 1 entire month and I am going to be and eat as healthily as ever… I think we then started the actual day of January 1 2013 with a cider in my hand… “Ill start tomorrow” I thought…. Positive in my will power this year.

I lasted maybe 3 or so days till Jay pulled out the new bottle of scotch I had bought him for Christmas coupled with my fancy new Royal Doultan glassware… be rude not to right?

Needless to say I told myself it was fine because I had decided to pack in gym for a few months and join a bootcamp… the Original Bootcamp… Apparently. This started on the 8th of January… It’s going well – Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings at 7am

FUCK ME… what a start to the year… We were swiftly broken into 2 groups to complete a benchmark test which would determine where we would position for the rest of the month.

Bench mark test consisted of:

  • 400m run
  • 10 Push-ups
  • 10 Grunts (basically burpees however apparently noone does them like the OBC)
  • 15 Sit ups

This is repeasted 3 times to give you a bench mark time – mine being 9 Minutes and 46 Seconds… Which I thought was pretty good until the guy I was with (who on the surface seems slightly unhealthier than myself) managed it within 7 minutes something.

Round 2 was a 1 mile run, or 8 laps of the track – as the first group ran over we only had to do 5 which is equal to 1km and I completed this within 4 minutes and 40 seconds… I was the 3rd to finish out of a group of about 25.

As a result of the bench mark we were put in our groups – though basically we are named in order of fitness level… So I am about 5th of 6th in line of the 2nd fittest group “seals”

You can see me below all triumphant after the 2 tests:



I have put the gym membership on hold until the end of March and also invested in 10 weeks worth of pool membership and swimming lessons once a week…

Food wise (which I guess this blog was all about originally) I am not really adhering to any particular diet… more healthy eating. In saying that every dinner and lunch has been pretty much Paleo meals… though I am having a very non-paleo breakfast of Muesli and Yogurt… It is my new addiction… More on food to come as I have discovered an awesome new site/blog.

Goal for 2013… Better overall general fitness and to be more focused at work (the later is stated while fashioning this post from my desk at 3pm… though I did have a working lunch break which is when I had planned this)

Happy New Year People


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