Give My Regards to Broadway

“Remember me to Herald Square”

What an absolutely phenomenel city… If it wasn’t for the obvious issues of a greencard and the need to be earning a stupid amount of cash to survive in this city… I would be on the next flight back setting up residence (with Jay obviously)

Now I grew up in different little country towns and suburbs throughout Queensland and always knew that it was the fast paced buzz of a metropolitin city like London or New York that was where I truly belonged… Sure… the serenity of vast open spaces and having to drive an hour to see another person has its benefits… but I can drive to the Hamptons on the weekend if that’s what I want right?

We started our holiday properly on my birthday… Jay had literally thought of everything… I really got lucky when I met that man. First up… Breakfast at le pain quotidien… a whole foods bakery type cafe… sure a chain, but pretty good quality food all the same… We went to the one just near to Bryant Park (we ended up having breakfast here a couple of times and had the same lovely waitress each time)

The weather wasn’t looking to crash hot actually and Jay was a little worried because he had planned some out doorsy type stuff for the rest of the day… There was tornad

o and serious weather warnings everywhere… the sky was looking nasty and the air sticky and windy… Jay had planned an amazing picnic in Central Park… unfortunately the Picnic did not show up in time to the hotel so we didn’t end up doing that in the end… though we did enjoy it as a hotel picnic the following day:

So I think we had something quick and easy for lunch and then we went up for a hellicopter ride over the city… AMAZING

Dinner was this sweet little restaurant called “The Place” on West 4th Street… apparently part owned by Robert Di Niro – he wasn’t sat at the next table or anything unfortunately though. The food was devine…

I found it really easy to eat healthily in NYC actually… there were always extremely healthy options on the menue I would even say that in most places there was at least one dish that would be paleo… (accept in the IHOP we visited in our following destination – more on that later)

Following our dinner we were going to head to the top of the Empire State Building alas the weather had turned rotten so we headed back to the hotel for some much needed birthday snuggles.

The nest two days were filled with site seeing and shopping… SHOPPING… I near killed Jay shopping… his little feet had almost grinded down to the bone by the time I was finished with him… but he was a good sport and carried my bags as we continued on.

One thing I will give the Americans when it comes to service staff… they are all so freindly and everything is done with a smile… I would love to see the Australian customer service staff take a leaf out of America’s nooks – miserable bunch!!!!

We checked out all the usual tourist sites in NYC like the Flat Iron, Top of the Rock, Empire State…Central Park… and it was all captivating… I loved every minute of it and was very blessed to have been treated to such an extravogant holiday for my birthday.

After NYC we took a short flight to Buffalo and then a taxi ride through the Canadian border to Niagara… Wow… those falls are breathtaking… one of the most amazing natural sites I have ever seen in my life… words cannot describe what they looked like…

Nor can they dexcribe Niagara itself as a place to visit… don’t get me wrong, the falls were amazing, however I feel you really only need to visit this place for a day…. maybe even half a day… to get the experience of the falls.

Niagara in comparison to NYC was expensive and did not offer healthy food options… one night, Jay and I had for a starter – Deep Fried Pizza Doh covered in parmazan cheese and herb butter… now they tasted amazing, but think Niagara is what contributed to the weight gain from the holiday haha

It was an interesting add on to the end of NYC… all in all though the holiday was amazing. Friendly people, great food and famous landmarks… I just wish I could have stayed a month to experience even more…


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One Comment on “Give My Regards to Broadway”

  1. August 25, 2012 at 5:00 am #

    Welcome to America! I’m glad you enjoyed your time here. Sounds like you are doing a great job sticking the course! Give us a new picture when you get a chance! Again, happy birthday!

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