How NOT to be Paleo…

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Well, I managed the paleo diet for a week.  And then I disappeared.  It’s not because of the diet, but because life got busy… full-time work, full-time study (don’t ask), being completely run-down, a hospital visit, and so much more.  It was just impossible NOT to eat crap in order to recover and get through it all.

It all started with catching a stomach flu and I just couldn’t be bothered with thinking about my diet. I then had to go and stay at university for a week to finish my lab work for the semester.  And this is where it really got bad.  My university residential school is based in Wagga Wagga and is catered.  The food is hellishly shite there.  To the point of the “chicken” in no way possible being actual chicken.  Indeed, one day for lunch, “spicy chicken and rice” was on the menu… it looked horrid, but we didn’t have much choice.  The rice was only half cooked and still crunchy and the chicken looked like this:

Other delicacies included powdered mashed potatoes, fake-chicken schnitzel, fake-chicken schnitzel, and fake-chicken schnitzel.  Delicious.

The round-trip also offered no dining options apart from McDonalds so I had two big servings of that plastic crap (I know I had a choice of a salad, but I had fallen so far off the wagon at this point that I thought I should just go for it).

Uni didn’t stop after this though.  I had 1-2 assignments due each week, a major project launching at work, and my application for medical school looming.  Long, long days had me craving easy, quick comfort food in my half-comatosed state each evening.  And wine, of course.  My delicacy of choice?  Why, ham, cheese and crisp sandwiches of course, on fresh white non-paleo amazing bread… jealous?

So now I’m on semester break, my med school application has been submitted, and the project was launched at work.  Guess I’d better go and get a ladder and climb my way back up onto that wagon again… I’m going grocery shopping later today to get everything I need for a 100% paleo week.  I already started by making paleo pancakes with caramelised bananas and almonds (and bacon) for breakfast today.  Good stuff.

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