Playing Temptation

I feel soooo guilty!!! After a week of near perfect 85/15 Paleo eating… I gave in to temptation to a rather large block of chocolate last night… Such a bad boy.

I wasn’t the only one, Jay also indulged, though he took the dark chocolate option.

I did exactly what I said I did in one of my first posts… I took the larger block of chocolate over the smaller block… SUCH A BAD BOY!!!

Main meals still going well… We did go to a friends birthday dinner on Sunday night where I had some non paleo foods… but for the most part Jay and I were both pretty good.

How exactly do you live a Paleo life style while being sociable and eating away from your own prepared meals?

I think it is time to get back into the exercise. For most of last week I had the flu and now Jay is ill so the gym has taken a back seat of late. Best thing I can do now I suppose is not feel too guilty and turn my naughty little treat into fuel for motivation and get back to the gym FAAARK!!!

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