And so it begins

It has started, we have begun, we ARE cavemen!!! It’s not that hard… is it???

Sooo for the last 3 days the two of us have been fairly regimented in what we are putting on our plates and tempting ourselves with…. at least we are when we are with each other.

We had found it relatively easy for the most part and had minimal slips (ahem… dark chocolate Jay??? – though apparently NOT so bad on the paleo diet. Dark chocolates with a higher cocoa content contain less sugars and other processed ingredients – though Cavemen would not have eaten… it can’t hurt to have yourself a little treat)

That was of coarse until around 6pm when BOTH of us were almost chewing our faces off in hunger because we hadn’t eaten for a few hours, were about to see a film and had another 3 hours before dinner would be in front of us… So we indulged in some salted popcorn and bottles of water…  OK so shoot us – first full day of Paleo and already wavering… Corn is not part of the paleo diet (corn’s not a vegetable, it’s a grain. Which apparently causes inflammation and contains anti-nutrients) so we were bad… that being said it was a much better choice than the usual sugary, chocolaty sensations I would load up on while becoming engrossed within a film…

I think that one of the things that will be key to making this diet work and work well is food preparation and meal planning. My body and I think I can speak for Jay here also, has become used to the carbs and the energy they supply in our usual diet so perhaps our bodies haven’t adapted yet to sustain itself throughout the afternoon without the usual snack options.

Jay’s nutritionist friend said it is only a matter of days before your body adapts… we will see… watch this space for if we are or are not chewing off our own limbs in hunger by the afternoon.

It is kind of common sense though… if you have prepared and taken something to work with you to feed the hunger, you are going to be less likely to crave and go and eat something from the vending machine or the shop over the road. I am a massive chocolate fan… one of those “hmm that family block is only a buck more than the smaller bar… ill get that instead…” and then justify it as value for money and polish off the entire block in one go… oops

On that note… it is 330 in the afternoon and I could murder a chocolate bar… to the fridge for something Paleo I prepared earlier.


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